World of multimedia is going through a revolution every five years or so. From introduction of digital television and video on demand, through increases in quality definition (Standard, Full HD, 4K, 8K…) and emergence of secure streaming services, to the rise of OTT device usage and introduction of VR and AR technologies – one thing remains certain: media landscape is quickly moving forward and everyone in the industry must follow or be left behind.

Our engineers proudly state that they have been in this industry for decades. We have made videos play smoothly on PCs, TVs, browsers, mobile devices, in cars... SYRMIA has been working on 360° videos, emerging codecs and standards, multimedia security, video streaming, automotive infotainment and much more. We are aware of the latest trends and are contributing on setting the new ones. Our partners include large broadcast operators which allows our engineers to work on exciting and groundbreaking projects.

Having system engineering teams with knowledge in multimedia frameworks (gstreamer and ffmpeg), browsers (WebKit, Chromium) and security (PlayReady, TEE), and experience in certification (YouTube, Amazon Prime) and bringing product to market, is what makes us confident to take on new projects in this area.

Virtual Graphics

SYRMIA is working with graphics card manufacturers on solutions for virtualization.

There is an ongoing trend of switching from high power graphics and compute workstations to a centralized server, able to provide high performance to 100 or more users. Previously, companies would buy hundreds of expensive desktops and GPUs and run resource demanding tasks on each of them. Today, investing in a centralized server, can provide same or even better performance for a fraction of the price.

Gaming, HPC, CAD, machine learning are some of the areas where virtualized graphics cards can enable breakthroughs. We are working hard with major industry players to ensure graphic card virtualization helps projects of the future. Some examples of this technology include Google Stadia, Prime Gaming, Cloud GPU virtual machines...

Multimedia Security

Creating high quality multimedia content takes a lot of time and effort. Media content creators must invest heavily in advance with the hope that their content will reach target audience safely and provide expected returns. Securing media content safely plays a vital role in proliferation of streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go…).

In the effort to ensure media content is safe from prying eyes, industry is moving towards hardware security. Modern devices have a separate Secure Processor executing Trusted Applications in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), ensuring no malicious software can access it, even if it gains full access to user's machine and its operating system.

Here at SYRMIA we are implementing TEE standard on different levels – from device drivers and firmware, all the way up to streaming applications and browsers (EME standard). We understand the gravity of the task and risks involved and are devoted to making sure our clients have a solution that they can rely on.