Preparations for the New Year started earlier for us than for most people. In the beginning of December, while decorating our new work space, we also thought to use the opportunity to add some Christmas decorations as well.

The ideas came flowing in and we brought in a Christmas tree, some festive decorations as well as photographs from all of our travels and adventures as a group (from Mexico to Sweden).

We also made a deal: we would decorate the Christmas tree on Friday, the 14th of December, which is also the moment we will start our Secret Santa project.

The rules were simple: pull a name of a colleague out of the hat and get them a small gift for Christmas! If you draw your own name, try again!

One week later, the space around the Christmas tree was full of presents by lunchtime. Each present was slapped with a name tag on the side, drawing large attention and ruining the workflow on the floor (oops!).

In the evening we gathered in front of the tree for a dinner and present-opening ceremony. The party lasted for hours as we also used the opportunity to hang the pictures of our travels.

The conference rooms were named after our favorite travel destinations and decorated with the appropriate pictures. Hopefully, this year we will have even more themes for our offices!

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