To grow is to change.

Here in Syrmia, we have had quite a successful period, marked by both client and team growth. Now it is time to follow that growth with a new office space.

We believe in a team as a corner stone of our growth. Well-sized, vibrant teams, working together towards a common goal remains our key to success. Team is a place where ideas are born, discussed, refined and implemented. It allows teammates to learn and grow together.

We started searching for a workspace that reflects our beliefs – each team should have an office, but there should also be a place for all of us to come together. After looking at a few locations, we decided on Belgrade Office Park, as an ideal place for us. It has all the ingredients needed to make our new offices work for us. It is time for us to dig in and make it ours! In a new space, and with new energy, we look towards future endeavors and hope to make great products, but above all great memories here!

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