At the end of June 2018 we organized Syrmia's first great team building. After a couple of weeks of brainstorming and polling, we decided that the ideal destination was the Tara river, and for the activity we chose the perfect blend of adrenaline and fun: rafting.

And so, we crammed inside a minibus and hit the road to the camp, which was located on the border of Bosnia and Montenegro, not far from the place where the Tara and Piva rivers form the Drina river.

Part of the group arrived from Belgrade, while the other part arrived from Banja Luka. The weather was bad, but we didn’t let that ruin our mood. There was laughter and positive atmosphere from every direction. We met in the pitch darkness of the camp, the only sources of light and heat came from a few lamps and a huge fire place in the middle of the camp's restaurant. After a short but excellent dinner, we headed to our assigned bungalows.

In the morning we realized the beauty of our surroundings. The gorge was covered in forests and showed clear signs that somewhere beneath us was the fast-moving water of a river. From there, our excitement only grew as we waited for the main activity to start.

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We finished breakfast quickly (the exquisite food was prepared in the traditional style for the region) and each got assigned to a boat. We split up into smaller groups for the ride across the border into Montenegro to the starting point of our rafting adventure.

The spring and the first months of summer brought heavy rainfall to the area, so we were told that we would not go down the entire length of the usual route since it was too dangerous. However, our hosts also told us it was better this way. When we asked why, they simply said: the river is faster now.

The terrain vehicles soon went off-road and left us with the boats some 20m above the Tara river. We checked our gear, got a final briefing from the skippers and started downriver in boats.

The fog which descended on the river was preventing us from staying in touch with each other, but it only added to the experience. The skippers informed us that the water temperature was a mere 5 degrees Celsius and that it's clean enough to drink (which we promptly tested). The struggle with the fast-paced parts of the river was interrupted by long stretches of calm and deep water, presenting a good opportunity for some to take a quick dip.

After grabbing some traditional refreshments at a few resting spots, we finally saw the sun over the place where the Piva and Tara rivers form the Drina. We paddled down Drina to our camp, where we had lunch and then played the longest volleyball match ever (it lasted until dinner).

In the morning we headed home, but not before we stopped in Visegrad (and in it Andricgrad) and then Drvengrad along the way!