It has been almost a month since we moved from SYRMIA office spaces to our home offices due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here is a sneak peek of our new work environments, check it out!

Some of us already have a dedicated place in our home with all the necessary equipment, so there was not much effort needed to adapt to new circumstances.

On the other hand, we are proud how some of our people showed flexibility and creativity in setting up a home office and creating an enjoyable and productive environment.

Of course, we intensively communicate with our fellow team members and discuss the challenges we face, but we also use pair programming to solve the most complex problems :-).

We are very happy that we managed to be as healthy and as productive as we did before the epidemics, but we are also looking forward to returning to our daily office routine when the situation gets better. In the end, no video conferencing app can substitute enjoying the sweet taste of in-person lunch break with our colleagues.

Until then, stay healthy and safe!