What is a good way to get to know your colleagues better? Spending a weekend cruising Uvac Lake, playing volleyball, or hiking on Zlatar maybe? Well why not all three!!

Summertime was a great excuse for our Belgrade and Banja Luka teams to get together for an action-filled weekend on Zlatar. Fresh mountain air, great local food and pure untouched nature made us leave our daily routines and helped charge our batteries.

Day started by sailing Uvac Lake, which stood intact by the modern world, guarded by pine trees in all directions. Beats coffee any day. We got to hang out with some quite big eagles, too (griffon vultures)! After climbing to the top we were awarded with a gorgeous view of lake’s meanders - selfie time.

Then, it was time to cool off, and what better way to do it than spending some time in Ice Cave, where temperature is a steady 8°C, all year round. Once inside, after our eyes got used to darkness, we were welcomed by a millennia old rock formations, ever evolving, untouched by the outside world.

Nature sure is inspiring, but it also makes you hungry – so, time for a barbecue! Ones that still needed to cool off went in for a quick swim. With some well-deserved rest, and after a short tour of the local monastery, we have started ascending to Zlatar’s mountain top. It was hard, it was demanding, and some of us in charge of carrying beer almost didn’t make it, but the view from the peak was definitely worth it!

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Next, it was time to make history. First traditional annual volleyball match between Banja Luka and Belgrade teams was sure to do it! It was an intense match of epic proportions, full of turnovers and exciting moments, but, in the end, there can be only one – Highlander style. This year it was the Belgrade team – congrats guys!! Trying out local specialties for dinner and an experience of night life of Nova Varoš came after, but we will keep these photos private for now...

With new morning come new adventures. Starting a day with a jolly rafting ride on the Lim River ensures positive mood! We got to row our boat, jump in for a swim and get a rain shower (actual rain), all in just a few hours! If only we didn’t have to leave… We definitely had something to talk about on our way back! We went home improved - recharged and a little bit tired, with our faces smiling, our bellies full, and with a piece of Zlatar in our hearts.

In the end, we want to give a big high five to Trendy Travel guys and girls, who made sure our adventures passed without any hiccups – you are the best!!!