Do you share knowledge? At SYRMIA we love to!

At the University, we bring together industry challenges and academic curiosity through shared expertise and continuous learning that is beneficial for both sides. We are happy to have been part of that process in the school year 2020/2021 at The Faculty of Mathematics at The University of Belgrade.

What gives us the incentive to continue with good practices in 2021?

Building closer links with faculties can also:

  • encourage the exchange and sharing of knowledge
  • create long-term partnerships
  • combine ideas and knowledge into new values

We took part in education at the academic year at The Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade by holding one academic course and two guest lectures.

Here is what we have done.

Course - Dataplane Programming

The goal of this course was for students to get familiar with network traffic processing, organization and network topologies, function of networking protocols and their implementation in modern networking devices (routers).

A part of the curriculum was focused on learning about the basics of the P4 programming language as a tool for developing applications for devices with programmable pipeline architecture.

During this course, students developed simple applications written in P4 and tested their designs in a simulated environment.

Lecturers: Miodrag Dinic, Tomislav Sajdl, Bogdan Milicic, Marko Stanojlovic and Ivica Bogosavljevic

Guest Lecture - Computer Graphics

Primary goal of the discussion was introducing students to the basics of the graphics cards world (framebuffers, pixels, texture formats…) and learning about different technics of representing graphical data in video memory. It also tried to cover what are the main hurdles in this process, and how modern GPUs try to tackle them in this brave 4K world and beyond.

Second part of the discourse was dedicated to inner communication of software components involved with composing the picture on the screen, using OpenGL and Linux DMR driver as an example.

Lecture then moved to the clouds – showing how virtualization in general, and specifically GPU virtualization, is going to change our world in the years to come. Working principles of virtualized graphics cards were explained, touching on the topics that SYRMIA engineers are currently working on.

There was just a little time at the end to squeeze in few advices on VSync for all the gamers out there, and answer student’s questions. Lecture managed to touch upon many topics, hoping that students will research further on those that they find most interesting.

Lecturers: Nikola Veljkovic and Nikola Prica

Guest Lecture - Programming Language P4

Domain-specific languages are created to support faster and easier development of applications in relevant areas.

During the lecture, we presented the programming language P4 which is becoming a standard in the networking industry. It is used for applications aimed at specific processor architectures that can be found on state-of-the-art packet forwarding devices.

A brief overview of the application domain was given, which is necessary for understanding the characteristics of the language itself, after which those characteristics were laid out.

Lecturer: Miodrag Dinic

We would like to thank to our colleagues for taking part in the course and for selflessly sharing knowledge with students. We are proud of the way we grow together to raise our values and we are looking forward to continuing with good practices.

Many thanks to the Faculty of Mathematics for teaming up with us in this and leaving room in the curriculum for these lectures and the course.