It's no secret that we like to be active, but this time we really surprassed our limits! This May, SYRMIA Walker quietly sneaked into our teams…

For the second year in a row, we organized our favorite internal competition - SYRMIA Walker. The list of advantages of walking and staying in nature is long, so we spiced it up with a taste of challenge – we competed in the number of kilometers crossed. This year we outdid ourselves – we walked incredible 9917 kilometers!

The competition lasted from May 15 to June 12 and 78 colleagues participated, divided into 26 teams. For those of you who like talking in numbers, that means that each of us walked 127 kilometers on average, with the winning team crossing the distance of 1135 kilometers!

The goal was clear, and the kilometers increased rapidly on the first day. Many of us practised city walking, some of us walked on foreign sidewalks while visiting our clients, and plenty of us merged with nature, forests and mountains.

Our colleague Goran nicely summed it up: This year's Syrmia Walker was almost a life-changing experience because it brought me back to more active sports after a long time. It all started with walks that became increasingly longer and faster, which quickly turned into running, then got enriched with strength training in breaks between sections. Next thing you know, I half-walked and half-ran the marathon section by the end of the competition. 😊

As Lao Tzu said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and so did our walks. Take a look at all these SYRMIA walkers conquering their journeys and being each day one step closer to their incredible achivements…

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