We invite you to join our attractive projects in the world of embedded software development! Whether you are interested in low-level system libraries, tools and compilers, emulators, optimized frameworks for machine learning, GPU software, or want to excel in building software blocks for automotive and consumer markets, SYRMIA has got it covered in its project portfolio. You can find out more about the details of the work we do on our EXPERTISE pages, and if we share common interests, check out our open job positions and student scholarships and internships on CAREERS pages.

What You Do Matters!

The result of your work will be integrated into products of world-leading companies. You will contribute to the creation of new products from start to launch and beyond.

Professional Growth

You have the opportunity to attend various technical workshops or even create and organize your own, attend some online courses, take part in researches and present your paper at a conference – it's up to you to choose.


Besides recognizing your contribution each day, we also implemented yearly rewards for engineers whose contributions were extraordinary and additional days of annual leave for loyalty.

Flexibile Working Hours

We respect your time and way of life! By working in SYRMIA you have an option to use our flexible working hours and work from home office to align your work time with your personal life.

Health Care

Health comes first, so we've got you covered with a package of private health insurance. Also, your spouse, partner, and children are eligible for insurance coverage based on privileged conditions.


Do you fancy sport and culture? We too! That is why we have free theatre tickets and various weekly and annual sports activities and gatherings, discounts on Fitpass membership, etc.


You will have a team-building budget you can use for a myriad of activities of your choice, interesting fun activities organized during monthly Beer Friday and other occasional company events.


Our hiring process is designed so that we get to know each other better. Through our selection process, we tend to discover your professional skills and learning potential, but we also believe it is as important that a person joining our team is a good match for our company culture. You also have the chance to meet us and decide if we are a good fit. Sounds interesting? If so, here is a short description of the steps we will make:

STEP 1 - Submitting Application
Congratulations on deciding to apply for a job in SYRMIA! Check out our open positions, choose one that matches your skills and aspirations and send us your resume.



STEP 2 - Application Review
We would love to meet all the candidates that approached us, but due to the intensive hiring period, not all the candidates will start our selection process. If you are selected to proceed, a colleague from our HR team will contact you shortly and arrange a time for an HR interview.

STEP 3 - HR Interview
In case you are invited for an HR interview, this will be a perfect time to share some more details about your experience and career plans with us, and we will also tell you what it's like to work at SYRMIA so you could learn more about the position you applied for. The idea behind the interview is to get to know each other better and check if our expectations match. You would need to invest around one hour for this step of the selection process.



STEP 4 - Technical Interview
If you are invited for an interview with our engineers, you will get more detailed information about the position and the project you applied for. Besides assessing your current level of knowledge and skills, we will also focus on discovering your learning potential during the interview. This step of the selection process usually means investing around one hour of your time.

STEP 5 - Summarizing Insights
All SYRMIA members you have interviewed with will gather to share their feedback and to evaluate whether you would be successful in the position you applied for, or if there is another position in SYRMIA that suits you better.



STEP 6 - Feedback
Our HR representative will contact you regarding the results of our selection process, informing you whether you have been our choice or not. No matter the result, we strongly believe that the selection process is a two-way street, so we encourage you to share your thoughts about being a candidate for a position in SYRMIA with us.

STEP 7 - Offer
Congratulations once again! Accepting our offer means that you are about to join a company where you will meet and befriend some wonderful people, widen your knowledge and polish your skills.




What kind of people are you looking for?
We love diversity, but there are also some traits in people we value the most; focus on self-development, a passion for technology, creativity, team orientation, kindness is a few of them.

What documents do I need when applying for a position?
To help us get to know you better, we will need an up-to-date copy of your resume. Of course, if you want to tell us more about yourself, feel free to add a cover letter to your application.

Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?
Yes, you can apply for any job position that matches your experience, skills and interests. For the sake of simplicity, you do not need to send your resume various times. Just pick one of the job listings you are interested in and list your other preferences in the application form.

What are the application deadlines?
Due to our growth, for most of our job openings we accept applications all year round. In case there are application deadlines, our job descriptions will include them.

Do you take care of my data that I send you during the application and how long you keep them?
Yes, we take care of the safety and privacy of your data, which are used only for activities related to the hiring process or candidate selection for student scholarship. Access to your data is limited only to our employees that are directly involved in those processes. We keep your data until the end of the selection process for the position you applied for or even longer if you would like to be informed about future job or scholarship openings.

May I reapply in case I took part in your selection process in the past and wasn’t selected?
Yes, you are more than welcome. We recommend applying approximately one year after your previous application.